What we do

Qualitative and mixed methods training, consultancy, coaching and analysis - specialising in ATLAS.ti, Discovertext, Dedoose, f4analyse, MAXQDA, NVivo, QDA Miner, Quirkos, SPSS and Transana

Who we are

Methodologists, researchers and teachers of qualitative and mixed methods research with many decades experience

Who we work with

Anyone with qualitative, quantitative or mixed data. Students. Researchers. Professionals. Any secotor, any discipline.

Why use our services?

We always tailor our services to your methodological and practical needs to optimize your project, your data, your way of thinking and working.

What is Five-Level QDA?

A method for harnessing CAQDAS packages powerfully - independent of methodology, software and mode of learning

What Are People Saying?

Feedback is really important to us. We are constantly learning and always strive to provide the best service possible. 

OFFAWe really appreciated your genuine enthusiasm and engagement in our project. You handled our...


Emmanuel College BostonI really enjoyed the training. We were shown how to make the difference between a very good and...


University of Dundee, ScotlandThe training has very much shaped the strategy I will use to conduct my analysis. It helped me...


We have several decades experience conducting research and training researchers to use customised software for analysis

Christina Silver QDAS

Christina Silver

Christina has been using and teaching CAQDAS packages since 1997. Her passion is working out efficient and creative ways to analyse data using dedicated software. She is co-author of Using Software in Qualitative Research with Ann Lewins and The Five-Level QDA® method with Nicholas Woolf

Ann Lewins QDAS

Ann Lewins

Ann pioneered the development of institutional support for CAQDAS packages from 1994, helping to create the CAQDAS Networking Project. She has worked with a variety of developers, methodologists and researchers and is co-author of Using Software in Qualitative Research with Christina Silver.  

Jen Patashnick 

Jennifer Patashnick

Jen has been involved in qualitative research and software use since 1999.  She enjoys working with researchers of all levels in a variety of fields and using a range of data sources. She has co-authored articles on innovative methodology for participant-generated audiovisual data.

Sarah L. Bulloch QDAS

Sarah L Bulloch

Sarah specialises in quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods research and training. She has been using software for analysis since 2007, including SPSS, MLwiN and a range of CAQDAS packages. Sarah teaches in English or German and has research experience in the academic, not-for-profit and private sectors.


Nicholas Woolf

Nicholas Woolf

Nick has been teaching ATLAS.ti and consulting to research projects large and small since 1997. He specializes in guiding  projects from research question through to completion using ATLAS.ti at every step. He is co-author of The Five-Level QDA® method with Christina Silver.

Jason Teal

Jason Teal

Jason has worked as a social researcher since 1999. He has extensive experience working in central and local government undertaking quantitative and qualitative public consultation and program evaluation and advising teams on generating and reporting robust findings. He undertakes analysis and leads on business management.