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We are friendly, dynamic and hard-working

We are researchers, methodologists and trainers, with expertise in a range of qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods approaches to analysis and experience of working in a variety of academic, applied, government and commercial settings.

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We have several decades experience conducting research and training others and our ethos is to provide impartial advice and always tailor our services to your needs. 


Qualitative Data Analysis Services (QDAS) was founded in 2002 by Ann Lewins and Christina Silver.  

We began working together from 1998 at the CAQDAS Networking Project (CNP) at the University of Surrey. The CNP provides platforms for debate about the issues arising from the use of CAQDAS packages, undertakes research into their use, and offers advice, training and ongoing support in their use.   

These technologies offer powerful tools for undertaking qualitative and mixed methods research, enabling the systematic management, analysis, interpretation and sharing of data and understanding. They are widely used across academic, government, non-for-profit and commercial sectors. 

We founded QDAS to provide users with tailored training, coaching and project consultancy in their chosen CAQDAS package, whatever the type of project. In 2007 we published the first edition of our book Using Software in Qualitative Research: A Step-by-Step Guidewhich was updated and extended in the second edition, published in 2014.

Since then, awareness and use of qualitative analysis software has grown year on year, and our work has increasingly diversified, and now includes data analysis services as well as training, coaching, and project consultancy. In this time, we have worked with a whole range of universities, businesses, charities and government organisations (both large and small) across Europe and America, helping them to get the most out of their chosen software for their specific needs.    

We have been lucky enough to have been joined by a number of experienced associates who share our vision and passion for realising the full potential and value of what can be achieved in the field of qualitative and mixed methods research. 

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We have had a working professional relationship with QDAS for almost ten years. Firstly at a “hands on” multi-day tutorial on the use of the software to support qualitative study methodology. The ability to work competently with groups as well as individuals was outstanding. Since then we have maintained a professional consultive relationship through the analysis of two research studies. We applaud their willingness to answer the same questions more than once, to meet you where you’re at in your project, and uncanny talent to tailor advice to particular situations and needs. We have begun data collection for our third study and are quite comfortable knowing that QDAS will be our “go-to” expert to fully utilize qualitative software to support our analysis. As experienced nurse educators, teaching/learning is our core business. We recognize the characteristics of individuals who engage effortlessly in the art of teaching to support active learning. QDAS provides those people.
Joan Riley, Professor Emeritus of Nursing
Emmanuel College, Boston