Don't Let the Software Drive the Process

Don't Let the Software Drive the Process

By QDAS Admin on Sep 21, 2017 at 09:49 AM

Many qualitative researchers don’t use CAQDAS packages because they are concerned the software will drive the process or force them to conform to a single style of data analysis. But there are also many researchers who have mastered the art of harnessing the software in the service of their analytic needs. We developedFive-LevelQDA as a way of describing what these experts unconsciously do.

Five-LevelQDA is not a method of data analysis, but a pedagogy for more quickly developing this expertise. The method recognizes that expert users of ATLAS.ti clearly distinguish their analytic strategies – what they plan to do – from their software tactics – how they plan to do it. The core of Five-LevelQDA is a process of conscious translation between strategies and tactics that ensures that the needs of the data analysis, and not the capabilities of the software, always drive the process.

This webinar - published as part of the IIQM ATLAS.ti webinar series - is in two parts.

In the first part Nick will describe the principles of  Five-LevelQDA, including the difference between strategies and tactics and the process of translation.

In the second part Christina will illustrate the process using examples from a variety of research projects.