Our ethos 

At QDAS we have a clear ethos that underlies everything we do. 

Impartial advice

We have known the developers of all the leading CAQDAS packages for many years and work closely with them. However, we have no commercial ties with any software developer or vendor - we operate completely independently. 

This is intentional and very important to us, and it means you get impartial, objective advice and services that are right for you, never influenced by any commission-based relationship. 

Tailored services

We are driven by a desire to enable appropriate use of CAQDAS packages in individual contexts. This means that we take the time to understand your methodological and practical needs and we tailor our services accordingly. 

We do not promote any software or analytic strategy over others, but advise clients according to their needs. You are the expert in the specifics of your project, but it is our breadth and depth of experience and knowledge that means we can best facilitate and guide your work. 


We are all active researchers, as well as teachers – working on a range of projects and utilising the knowledge and understanding that we have gained. We believe it is essential to be actively involved in research in order to be able to teach, consult and coach appropriately.

We have different backgrounds and methodological skills, and we share our expertise to ensure that our clients and students receive the best possible service.  


I really enjoyed the training. We were shown how to make the difference between a very good and an outstanding analysis. I really appreciated your clarity in teaching, diligence towards everyone’s needs in the use of the software, and the structure of the training. Overall, for me it was one of the most interesting and lucrative trainings I have attended.
Marius Draghici, PhD student
Department of Politics, University of Bordeaux, France